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Rhode Island Census Data: Age & Sex by County

Age and sex distributions for Rhode Island counties are shown in this easy-to-read table and chart combination.

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau 2000 Census.

Rhode Island Census Data: Age & Sex by County
LocationPopulationAge %Median
Males per 100 FemalesLocation
under 1818-2425-4445-6465 & overAll Ages18 & Over
United States




96.393.4United States
Rhode Island




92.588.8Rhode Island
Bristol Co.50,64822.99.527.423.416.7


93.189.5Bristol Co.
Kent Co.167,09023.27.030.524.215.1


92.388.7Kent Co.
Newport Co.85,43322.58.429.924.814.4


94.691.4Newport Co.
Providence Co.621,60224.011.129.820.514.6


91.887.9Providence Co.
Washington Co.123,54623.411.228.324.412.8


94.291.3Washington Co.

Reading the Chart:

The entries under the Age % heading are percentages showing the age distribution. For example, the entry in the first row (United States) in the under 18 column is 25.7, meaning that 25.7% of the U.S. population is under 18 years of age. The Age% values add up to approximately 100%.

The length of the colored bars in each Age % table cell are in proportion to the value of the number in the cell. For example, the colored bar in the cell showing 25.7 is 25.7% as wide as the cell.

The length of the colored bars under the Males per 100 Females header are proportional to the value when converted to percentages. For example, 110 males per 100 females = 110 males per 210 people = 52.4%.

The numeric values under the Population header are totals. Here the colored bars represent percentages of the highest population of any county in the state. For example, the county with the highest population will have a colored bar that fills the cell. A county with half that many people will have a colored bar that fills half the cell. For small percentages the bar does not appear.

Abbreviations used in location names: Co.=County, C.A.=Census Area, Pa.=Parish, Mu.=Municipio.

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Please note that if you set your browser to display very large text sizes, the table cell sizes will change, and the lengths of the colored bars will not be accurate, although they will still show proportions.

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