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Hawaii Census Data: Population & Housing Density

Population, Areas, and Housing Density for Hawaii counties are shown in this easy-to-read table and chart combination.

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau 2000 Census.

Hawaii Census Data: Population & Housing Density
LocationPopulationHousing unitsArea in square milesDensity per square mile of land areaLocation
Total areaWater areaLand areaPopulationHousing units
United States








United States








Hawaii Co.148,67762,6745,086.701,058.694,028.0236.915.6Hawaii Co.
Honolulu Co.876,156315,9882,126.851,527.08599.771,460.8526.9Honolulu Co.
Kalawao Co.14717252.3339.1213.2111.113.0Kalawao Co.
Kauai Co.58,46325,3311,266.37643.93622.4493.940.7Kauai Co.
Maui Co.128,09456,3772,398.741,239.541,159.20110.548.6Maui Co.

Reading the Chart:

The entries under the Area in square miles headings are areas.

The entries under the Population and Housing Units headings are totals.

The Density per square mile of land area values are derived by dividing the population (or housing unit) count by the land ares. For example, dividing the total US population of 281,421,906 by the total land area of 3,537,438.44 gives a density value of 79.6 people per square mile.

In this chart the length of all of the colored bars represent percentages of the highest value of any county in the state. For example, the county with the highest population will have a colored bar that fills the cell. A county with half that many people will have a colored bar that fills half the cell. The same method is used for the colored bars shown in the Area and Density table cells. For small percentages the bar does not appear.

Abbreviations used in location names: Co.=County, C.A.=Census Area, Pa.=Parish, Mu.=Municipio.

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Please note that if you set your browser to display very large text sizes, the table cell sizes will change, and the lengths of the colored bars will not be accurate, although they will still show proportions.

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